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Welcome to iDrive School of Motoring Castlebar



About iDrive

idrive School of Motoring which is based in Castlebar is headed up and run by Michael who is a friendly, fully qualified and an experienced Instructor. Michael is a RSA ADI Approved Instructor & ISM Certified. idrive aims to give you not just the online writing services essayclub knowledge to pass your test, but the skills and attitude to stay safe on the roads over your lifetime of driving.


About Michael

I am an ADI RSA Approved Driving Instructor and I am ISM Certified and a Pre-Test Specialist. I have over 20 years of professional driving experience.. I am a professional and patient Instructor.. Based in Castlebar my aim is to teach you all the skills to become a safe and confident driver for life.. Teaching is done in a small and easy to control Nissan Micra which is fitted with dual controls.


ADI RSA Approved Driving Instructor, ISM Certified,  Essential Driver Trainer (EDT Lessons)

Our Services

I Offer a Variety Of Quality Driver Training Courses To Suit Individual Needs.
Pre-Test Specialist, EDT Lessons, Beginners and Nervous Pupils Welcome, Lessons Tailored Around Your Requirements, Lessons Structured To Individual Needs, Beginner And Refresher Courses, Intensive Courses, Block Booking Discounts, Student Discounts, Dual Controlled Vehicle, Own Car Lessons, Car Hire Available For Driving Test, Gift Vouchers Available


EDT Lessons (Essential Driving Training Syllabus) www.rsa.ie/edtlessons
New Drivers are welcome. Beginners and Nervous Drivers can Rest Assured they are with an experienced and patient Instructor with a modern dual controlled car. Practical learning from behind the wheel is a must to gain experience. At I DRIVE I aim to give 100% all of the time. I aim to provide the highest standard of tuition. Feed back on your progress. Evaluation at the end of every lesson.
In a hurry to pass your test? I Offer a Course to help You reach test level quickly.
I offer refesher courses for people who haven’t driven for a while. Lessons to improve your skills. Courses to help you reach pre test level.
Pre test drivers should have a course of lessons to improve there driving skills. Pre test lessons will have everything you need to gain the skills to pass your driving test. All Test Routes Covered. The Correct Way To Drive on your test. Technical Checks. Use Of Secondary Controls. Mock Test. Driver Assessment.

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